European Grocer
They say never shop on an empty stomach. Maybe someone had our showroom in mind. Our shelves are groaning with over 800 lines of imported groceries, most of which you won’t find anywhere else in town, along with the best of Australia’s gourmet produce.

So, if you’ve been groaning that you can’t find the Italian-made pasta, biscuits, antipasti, oils, confectionary, soft drinks or anything else you crave from the Mediterranean, get on your Vespa and pay us a visit. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. Or Napoli. Same thing?
Sweet Delights
Got a sweet tooth? Then Rio Coffee has you covered. We stock a wide selection of tasty Italian delights, from chocolate, torrone, panettone, colombe, panforte, Baci, the exquisite sugar-coated almonds from William Di Carlo—and much more.

An Italian tradition

Since 1922, Baci has been described as the most romantic and indulgent of chocolates and are synonymous with the art of fine Italian confectionary. 

Available from our showroom & select stockists