About Rio Coffee

Fulvio Pagani started with a simple philosophy: do what you love in business and you’ll never work another day in your life! After 50 years, he’s still ‘not working’ in the business!. His passion and commitment to quality are legendary. And while he loves tradition – and many of our processes are indeed made with time-honoured integrity – he’s never been afraid to push our boundaries, by reforming, restructuring and improving our practices.


Here at our purpose-built roastery and retail showroom, you’ll discover just how diverse our range is, including Italian gourmet foods, imported beverages, giftware, domestic and commercial coffee machines, grinders and barista accessories.


As they say in Italy: "mia casa e tua casa" (my house is yours). Pop by sometime and make yourself at home.



I didn’t know it at the time. But when I got off the boat from Italy in the late 1950s, I was part of a coffee invasion. At that time, you couldn’t get a decent cup for love or money here. Until, of course, some of my fellow migrants fired up the first Gaggias and Australia surrendered to the first shots of espresso.


It took me till 1964 to start Rio Coffee. Back then, all I had was a small roaster and a cool VW van to deliver the finished product to my friends around town. It was a steep learning curve. By experimenting, I slowly mastered the art of roasting and blending, day by day. Hey: I was young and on a mission.


It’s hard to believe from such humble beginnings that Rio Coffee would grow into an industry leader as one of the catalysts behind Australia’s ever-growing devotion to coffee.


While so much has changed since 1964, passion and tradition still drive our business. We’re now proud to offer a range of blended and single-origin coffees, all produced through artisan hand-roasting, as well as all our gourmet goodies imported from Italy for you to enjoy.


Mille grazie for visiting our website. I hope you can visit our showroom/roastery sometime soon to say 'ciao'.



Fulvio Pagani.