Rio Coffee
Roasted and blended by hand in the artisan tradition since 1964. Find the coffee that makes your day along with espresso machines and grinders to make it with.
European Grocer
Our shelves are groaning with over 800 lines of imported groceries, most of which you won’t find anywhere else in town, along with the best of Australia’s gourmet produce.
From across the water in Italy, we bring you Sanpellegrino and Acqua Panna sparkling waters, Zuegg juices, 32 Via dei Birrai and VIS beers, and Terra d’Aligi Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine. Salute!
Online Store
Our store never closes. Our range never fails to delight. Just point your mouse and click your fingers for selected items delivered to your door. Pronto.
The Rio Coffee Story

Our story has been brewing for 50 years. It started with a young man, Fulvio Pagani, who sailed halfway round the world to a new beginning. Here, he married his love of coffee with an eye for business in a land where coffee was only ever instant. In a backyard, he roasted and blended his precious beans, building his knowledge and reputation as café culture spread like religion across the land. Today, Fulvio and his staff welcome you to this website, our showroom and a range of delights that include our unique coffees, exclusive European groceries, Italian beverages, beers and wines, café supplies and espresso machines, wholesale and retail. From our humble beginnings we’ve come a long way. Truly, though, we’ve only just begun. Come, share and enjoy.

Our Specialty

When Fulvio started out in 1964, roasting fine coffee was everything. Tutto. The only thing. But how can you supply great coffee if no-one knows how to serve it? What if they don’t have the right machine to make it with? And when we were in Italy, we kept finding great products no-one else brought to Australia. So, little by little, we started adding new products and services that led compellingly from our specialty and our natural passion for all things Italian. That’s why today,  Rio Coffee trains baristas, imports espresso machines and grinders, gourmet Italian produce, waters, juices, wine and beers, café supplies and consumables, which we sell directly from our showroom for both retail and wholesale. Because our specialty, actually, is delighting you.